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Wild Blue Ropes

Wild Blue Ropes is located 10 minutes away from downtown Charleston, South Carolina. It’s a kid-friendly family vacation place that offers fun by swinging ropes, bridges and plenty of fresh air. The place is closed on Monday and Tuesday, so plan your visit accordingly. This rope obstacle playground offers plenty of challenges with different level of difficulties whether you are 5 or 50:

– Explorer Gateway: designed for age 5 and up. Entry level 15 foot course with 7 continuous elements so you don’t have to worry where to climb and where to switch next.

– Big Sky Challenge: a moderate challenge, still on first level but a nice step-up from Explorer Gateway.

– Holy City Heights: for anyone who is looking for a little more adventure, this one is a second-story challenge.

– Wild Blue Yonder: this 35-foot-high-course is for the fearless.

Ticket price ranges from $ 19 to $ 39, depending on your age and the course that you would like to try. Early reservation is strongly encouraged. For more information about this place, click here.

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kid friendly vacation wild blue rope

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