Visiting Vienna

I always have fond memories of Vienna. It’s a beautiful city, old buildings with modern feel and friendly people. In mid May 2016, my family and I went to visit Vienna at the beginning of our Europe trip. It’s been 12 years since the last time I visited, I was very excited on this trip. This time I went back with my husband and 2 little kids.

When planning a vacation, I noticed and realized how important it is the location of the hotel or wherever you decide to stay. I was looking at hotels in the city center. It’s pricier but think about how much time will be wasted if live farther and I don’t want to deal with any transportation issue. When traveling with little kids, it has to be as convenient as possible. We ended up staying at Hotel Do & Co. It is very recommended; perfect location, good size room, modern style and most importantly, hotel staffs are super nice, friendly and helpful. From letting me use the phone at the lobby to call my friend really quick to finding me a super glue to fix my daughter’s sandal’s embellishment. Right next to the hotel front door is the elevator goes straight to the underground, how convenient!!

When booking, I told them that this trip was to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday and my daughter’s birthday. See what they got us! A chocolate cake and champagne to start our vacation!


On top of this, everyday, we will get little cakes and 4 bottled water, like the picture below. The sweets changes everyday. Certainly not missing the sweets in here!

IMG_0322 - Copy

My kids were 4.5 and 6 years old during this trip. I was debating to bring a stroller or not, and I decided to bring one. My 6 years old was pretty good, she walked a lot during the trip, no stroller needed. The 4.5 one still needs a stroller.

Other than location of place to stay, I also did research of the public transportation. Vienna has one of the best public transportation system and it is modern; meaning it has escalators and elevators in the subway and train stations. I learn to look into this thing after visiting London where the tube system is really old; lots of stations are very inconvenient if travelling with stroller, no elevator, sometimes there’s no escalator at all.

Vienna is pretty small. If no jetlag or getting sick that prevent you to stroll the city, you can pretty much finish your sightseeing in 2-3 days. Places are closed at 6 pm, except restaurants, so start your day early. I bought Vienna Pass that gives access to majority of the tourist attractions with no extra pay and ride on hop-on-hop-off bus. If you just go visit 2 museums and use the hop-on-hop-off bus, you already make your money back. It also gives you a booklet of voucher and discounts at a lot of places. Plus I got the pass at sale price, so it was really worth it. For more information about Vienna Pass, click here.

There is no way visiting Vienna without having their wienerschnitzel. Figlmuller is the best and most popular place to get it. But it’s always packed and they don’t take reservation. Another option is Lugeck (also part of Figlmuller company), slightly fancier option of Figlmuller but it is so worth it, you will not be disappointed!

IMG_0409 - Copy

Cafes, coffee shops are everywhere in Vienna. One of the most popular cafe is Cafe Hawelka. What I like about this place is it is smoke free inside, so I can bring my 2 little girls there just enjoying one of our afternoon there sipping Einspänner (Viennese coffee) and its famous apfelstrudel.

IMG_0379 - Copy

Other than Schonbrunn Palace (Palace, Zoo and Tiergarten) and any other popular museums, with kids, you should consider Haus De Musik. It is an interactive music museum and if you have Vienna Pass, you get pay a discounted rate entrance fee. Check out this musical stairs when you enter the museum:


Long story short, if you plan a family vacation with little kids, you should consider Vienna. Weather was still a bit cold when we got there (May 14th, 2016) but it gets pretty warm when we left (May 19th, 2016). It’s a beautiful place, family friendly and most importantly, it is stroller friendly.

Here are some pictures from our trip with the kids:

Schonbrunn Palace

schonbrunn 3

schonbrunn 4


Schonbrunn Zoo and Tiergarten (located right next to the Palace. We went here while waiting for our time to get into the palace. Yes, it was crowded, you only can get in at assigned time)


IMG_0103 IMG_0108

schonbrunner irrgarten 1


St. Stephen’s Cathedral – Stephansdom (right in front of our hotel)

st stephen cathedral vienna

Vienna Prater / Riesenrad (Entrance Fee to Madame Tussaud Museum is included in Vienna Pass)






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