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Visiting Paris

It’s been 3 years since the last time we visited Paris. With the latest news, I am a little inspired to write about our vacation there. Arianna was a little bit over 3 years old and Catherine was almost 2 years old. Before we went, we sort of had a high expectation about Paris; beautiful, charming, romantic, etc.

The experience was not as what we expected. It was in August towards the end of summer  and it was pretty hot. We took Euro Star from London to Paris. We stayed at Cosy’s Residence Cadet. I don’t like the location. I looked at the map and it looks like it’s very close to Galeries Lafayette and I guess I looked at it wrong. It was a pretty far walk, especially in a hot weather. My original plan was to do some shopping while my husband and kids relax at the hotel, turned out the location plus hot weather completely unmotivated me. Another thing is the road to go to the apart-hotel is like a quiet alley and it doesn’t look nice (read: safe) at night. The only good thing about that place is that the room is pretty big, because it’s like an apartment. Another downside was there was really nobody there except one person who helped us to check in and check out and they don’t help with any other things.

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The subway system was pretty old and was inconvenient to travel with strollers. We ended up took a taxi  or walk pretty much everywhere; Eiffel Tower, The Palace of Versailles, Arc De Triomphe, The Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, etc. The taxi driver from The Palace of Versailles took us for a little detour to make some “extra” money.

There were so many tourists everywhere we went. This is where travelling with strollers were actually a good thing and very helpful. We didn’t have to line up anywhere because of the strollers. We got in the priority line. Anyway, tips for travelers who won’t bring strollers, purchase your tickets to those places ahead of time and you will skip any lines. Also, check the schedule for The Louvre, it doesn’t open everyday.

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paris arc de triomph

Yes, we passed this unbelievable long line at the Palace of Versailles because we had strollers…woohoooo!!! Same thing at The Louvre.visiting paris9

On 2nd day, the elevator at the apart-hotel was broken so we had to walk up to the 7th floor by stairs with 2 little kids. With all the good food that we had there, this “little” exercise was pretty necessary. So it was fine until we had to check out. I specifically asked for someone to help my husband to bring the luggage down from the 7th floor by the stairs. I asked them 3 times since 2 days before our departure date. And yet, nobody helped us. And at the end of the in Paris, we took a taxi to the train station to continue our trip to Amsterdam. When we got at the train station, the taxi driver refused to open the trunk unless we paid him 21 Euros (the meter says 11 Euros). What a way to end the our trip in Paris.

Overall, we enjoyed the good food and the beautiful architecture. It just happened that we stayed at the zero service apart-hotel and met some unkind taxi drivers. Will we go back to visit?? Mmm…let us think about it.

Here are some more pics from the trip

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Yummy pastries is a must have when you are in Europe, especially in Paris.

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Palace of Versailles

paris palace of versailles

paris versailles garden

Inside the Notre Dame Cathedral

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We had dinner here on our last night in Paris and it was very good!

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This was the line to go into the restaurant. If we went 10 mins later, we could have been stuck in this long line! The food must be good and yes, it was very good!

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