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Visiting Niagara Falls and Toronto

I was browsing through my old pictures, trying to organize my kids pictures in an album and I saw these pictures on our trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto. I believe Arianna was only 11 months old and I was 4.5 months pregnant at that time. My husband’s grandma lives in Toronto and she is pretty old to take a trip to California or pretty much anywhere far. My husband also has uncles, aunts and cousins in Toronto. I have one cousin who lives in Toronto also. It was a visiting family trip. He wanted Arianna to meet her great grandmother while she has the chance.

We decided to visit Niagara Falls as well since it’s pretty closed by. We flew to Buffalo and drove to Niagara Falls. I believe it was Arianna’s first airplane ride. I would say, we were lucky that Arianna didn’t make a fuss at all. We were so proud of her for not crying and just slept all the way through the flight. The drive from Buffalo to Niagara Falls was not bad as well. I was so excited on how calm Arianna was and already planned another trip in my head…hahahah.

We stayed a couple nights at Niagara Falls Marriott Fallsview Resort & Spa and we got a really nice view from our room. Check this out!

marriott niagara falls 1 marriott niagara falls 2

It was still pretty cold so we just enjoyed the view of the Falls from the side. We didn’t go down the boat ride. Obviously, it’s not going to be stroller friendly and I am not going to take any chance of getting sick (especially Arianna) on the trip.

niagara falls 2

niagara falls 3

There’s a little downtown area that we can walk not far from the Fall. It was pretty nice and cute. I remember it was a little uphill walk. If you bring a stroller, it can be a good exercise =). Lots of restaurants and museums to visit.

clifton-hill niagara falls 1

Then we’re off to Toronto to visit family. My cousin suggested me to get a City Pass which include admissions to CN TowerCasa Loma, Royal Ontario Museum, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada and Toronto Zoo or Ontario Science Center. It is much cheaper than buying each admission tickets separately.

It was cold and raining on the day we drove around visiting museums. It was not a great idea traveling to these places with an 11 month-old baby in a cold rainy day. Museums and tall building are definitely not fun places for a little baby. The only place that I think that is probably fun for Arianna was the Ontario Science Center because some of the stuffs in there are interactive; making interesting colors, lights or sounds. Casa Loma is pretty but it is not stroller friendly. CN Tower is pretty much like Empire State Building and Royal Ontario Museum is a museum…hahahaha…sorry, I’m not a museum person, I find it pretty boring.

Overall, we really enjoyed the trip, especially Niagara Falls and meeting family. However, I don’t find anything extraordinary in Toronto, nothing really exciting. I think the only reason to visit Toronto again is visiting family.

Here are some more pictures from the trip:

Casa Loma

casaloma1  casaloma2CN Tower


Ontario Science Center




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