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Visiting Napa Valley and Sonoma Train Town

As I mentioned in the previous article, family trip is about bonding time and getaway from our regular routine and just relax. It doesn’t have to be too far and it doesn’t need to be too long. We haven’t gone to visit Napa Valley in ages. It’s only an hour away away but it just never came across our mind to go visit especially since we had little kids. Last summer, we decided to go visit on one of the weekends. As my husband browsed around for things to do with little kids, he saw Sonoma Train Town which is not too far from Napa Valley.

Whenever I talked to any of my friends about going to Napa Valley, the first question they will ask is are the kids going? What are they going to do in Napa? Well, it’s true that Napa is famous for wine tasting, definitely not for the kids. But I found the downtown is pretty nice to go for a short visit , even with kids. Lots of nice restaurants and it’s a pretty nice walk along the Riverfront. It’s a nice little town for a short getaway.

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Then from there, we headed to Sonoma Train Town, which is only like 20 minutes away from Downtown Napa. This place is the highlight of our short trip. It’s a small amusement park that has wheel, merry-go-round, roller-coaster and of course, a train ride that goes around the whole park. This place is really fun for kids of all ages. Of course, some rides like roller coaster have minimum height requirement of 48″. But really, there are many other fun things that smaller kids can do and enjoy. Everything has a train theme on it.

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I actually really like the train ride circling the whole amusement park, passing tunnels and bridges. It stopped once at this miniature little town by a man-made lake. It’s really cute. It has a miniature school, sheriff’s office, hospital,saloon and even jail. There’s also a petting zoo where you can feed the animals.

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At the front, there’s an unused train where you can see inside the wagon. Not much to see inside, the kids were just having fun going up and down and walked inside the wagon…hahahaha. And just like any amusement park, outside foods and drinks are not allowed. There’s a concession stand and a souvenir shop.

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I like this place because it’s not too big, just the right size to go visit for a day trip. Parking is free but the ticket price for the rides will surely add up pretty quickly. If you plan to go visit, search online for some train town specials or discounts. Sometimes you will find it at Groupon and if you go with 2 or more kids, it’s worth the hassle of finding this discount ride tickets.

I actually was surprised that we can find some kids fun in this wine country since normally people go there for a wine tasting, the adult fun. But I’m glad we all really had fun on this trip, including my 2 little princesses =).

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Ps: The kids made their own cheese pizza at Mary’s Pizza Shack – Sonoma. Another kids’ fun thing to do!

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