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Last summer, we went to London for our family vacation. At that time, the kids were 3 years old and almost 2. I was excited and a little bit nervous at the same time. Well, with 2 little kids, it was a lot to pack other than clothes; strollers, diapers, formula, thermos, electric kettle (I just want to make sure I had access to hot drinking water to make milk anytime). The problem is the electricity voltage is different than US, so I need to buy an electric converter as well until I found this St. Ermin’s Hotel.

It’s located 8 minutes away (walking distance) from Buckingham Palace and next to the new Scotland Yard office building. It also has a small mini market next to the hotel that sells milk, fruits, snacks, etc. It’s part of the Autograph Collection and now is part of Marriott as well. The hotel is not too big but it’s nice and clean. We stayed in the family room that has 2 double beds. The room decor is modern and clean. We got free WiFi and on the desk in the room, they provide a different kind of electrical outlet with different voltages. So I don’t need a converter, just plug in my American electric tools.

On the first day after a little sightseeing, I was sitting in the lobby, waiting for my husband to buy milk, snacks and fruits for the kids, the lady from the hotel offered me a glass of wine. What a nice treat! I really love this hotel!

Other than that, I really like the location of this hotel. Walking distance to most of the places to visit: Buckingham Palace, St. James Park, The Green Park, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London eye, Trafalgar Square, etc. Except for Tower of London, you have to take the Tube or Taxi. The tube system is very old, so no elevators or escalators, it is not a good idea if you bring strollers. We took the tube because at the St. James Station it wasn’t too many stairs to get to the train, so we thought it wasn’t bad at all. But the other stations are really not stroller-friendly. Luckily, people in London are very nice, we got people offered us help along the way. Really love this trip, love the hotel and love the city!

Below are the pictures of the bedroom and bathroom that we stayed in to show that it is very clean and good space (not professionally retouched photos). If you plan to visit London, I really recommend this hotel. Start your research way ahead of time (like 6 months before your planned date) and check the deals on their website before you book it. Also if you bring more than 1 stroller, do not expect to travel around the city with the Tube system.


st-ermin's-hotel-family-room  st-ermin's-hotel-family-room3


st. ermins hotel lobby

st. ermins hotel

Here are some more pics from the trip:

Changing Guards at Buckingham Palace, look at the crowds! This is why you have to stay closed to the Palace =).

london buckingham palace - Copy

london eye

tower of london

tower of london 2

westminster abbey london

london 1 - Copy

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