Visiting Dominican Republic

It’s our wedding anniversary today (thank you!) and I’ve been browsing old pictures for the past few days, going through all the memories from all the trips that we took and I came across our Dominican Republic trip pictures. We went there almost 5 years ago, when Arianna was still 1.5 years old. It was quite a disastrous trip in my memory but from the pictures, it looks so much fun, maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. Let’s get started!

We took a one week vacation to Dominican Republic in October 2011. I was still pumping my breastmilk and Arianna just started walking. It was a lot of work with the breast pump and a walking toddler and 9 hour delayed flight in Miami certainly was not making the situation any easier. Yes, the unpleasant experience started with the delayed flight and followed by our lost luggage =(. Thankfully our luggage showed up on the 3rd day. At least we got them back =).

There are quite a few lessons that I learned from this trip. First, do not check in everything, always bring a carry on luggage filled with personal stuffs for at least 2-3 days. At that trip, I packed all Arianna’s formula and diapers in the check in luggage and of course, all my and my husband’s stuffs. I only had a little bit of formula and a couple diapers only enough for our traveling time to Dominican Republic. Luckily, there was this nice lady who shared her toddler’s formula with me and there’s a convenient store at the resort where we can get diapers for Arianna and yes, of course, with resort price.

We stayed at Melia Caribe Tropical All-Inclusive Beach & Golf Resort. I remember that I hated the room. Our room looks like a  2 bed 2 bath apartment. The layout was weird, the decor was dark, bathroom was dark. I didn’t even want to use the bathroom in one of the bedrooms and there was lots of ants. Here is another lesson that I learned from this trip. This resort looks very green and definitely has a tropical theme from the pictures, just like its name. I guess “tropical” translates to “lots of bugs”. Since then, I avoid any places that looks “tropical”. See my bug bites below?


Originally, this resort was not my choice at all. My husband picked this resort and I read an article where the kids daycare place received a rave review. Since it got a very good review, I agreed with his choice. We went there to see and did not like it. It doesn’t look as clean as I wanted, it was ok and yeah, I probably won’t leave my toddler with any stranger in an unfamiliar place. Another lesson learned, never ask my husband to pick the hotel or resort for our vacation…hahahaha.




We love the pool area and we love the beach. Their food was pretty good and our room is located very closed to the beach, which is great. The weather was a little too hot even though it was already October. At the end of the trip, our flight was delayed again. We almost missed our flight from Miami to home. Since we were rushing, I didn’t have time to pump my breastmilk and yes, it was pretty much gone after the trip. Last lesson learned, if still breastfeeding, just take a trip without any connecting flight =).




Aside from the delayed flights, lost luggage, dark room and bug bites, the trip was ok. Here are some of the fun pictures from the trip:


















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