Visiting Bratislava

Visiting Bratislava was not in our agenda originally. Prior to our vacation days, I contacted my old high school friend who turned out to be in Vienna and Prague at the same time as us. Then he mentioned about going to visit Bratislava since it’s only an hour away from Vienna. Since we stayed in Vienna for 6 days, we definitely had an extra day or two, so we decided to visit Bratislava.

We didn’t have any plan, didn’t know how to get there and what to see. So it was a pretty spontaneous trip. We just went to Hauptbanhof (the main train station in Vienna) and went into the office and asked how to get to Bratislava. The officer there was very helpful. Turns out the train tickets that we bought also useful to ride the bus whole day in Bratislava with no extra charge, good to know!

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We arrived at the train station at Bratislava, it looks pretty run down and dirty compared to Vienna. We just didn’t feel too safe. I started to regret coming here, especially with no plan at all and with 2 little kids. We tried to find someone who can direct us where to go. I saw an older guy who looked like he gave directions to a bunch of college kids. He was pretty nice but he doesn’t really speak English, he speaks German. I asked in English, he answered in German plus “sign” language. It was pretty hilarious but we understood each other. We took the bus that he told us to take, Bus# X13 and stop at the 3rd stop, we should see the historical downtown.


When we stopped at the 3rd stop, another interesting thing happened. It was in the middle of intersection with lots of buildings that look like old department stores and offices. My husband was like, this is it? I said, I don’t know, maybe. Luckily we saw 2 police officers and thank God, they speak very good English. Turned out we had to walk about 2 blocks then we will see the historical downtown.

Ahhh…finally, we found the historical downtown. It looks pretty well maintained compared to the previous sceneries along the way. To be honest, not much too see, nothing too interesting and there wasn’t too many tourists as well. We noticed there are beggars in every 2-3 blocks on the side of the street. Something that we didn’t really see in Vienna. But we found out the food is much cheaper compared to Vienna. We walked around the area before early dinner and got some souvenirs. After that, we ended up having an early dinner at this restaurant called Verdict. It was a pretty nice sit down restaurant and it was pretty quiet, maybe we were too early for dinner. Food was pretty good, even my kids love the pierogi.





After dinner, we just headed back to Vienna. It was a pretty interesting trip, people are very helpful and nice, food was good and cheap but I really don’t see any reason to go visit again.



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