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Travel With Kids While They’re Young

I am a big believer that people should start travel with kids while they’re young. Lots of people, I heard, they have all these reasons not to travel with kids; so much work, it’s a waste of energy and money, they are too young, they will not remember, bla…bla…bla…

Here are my reasons why I think we should start travel even though the kids are still young (infants, toddlers, little kids):

Well, first of all, I don’t want to wait until I’m old (read: kids grow up, old enough) to go travel. Traveling doesn’t have to be so far away and doesn’t have to be expensive. If you think the kids are too little and cost too much for the airplane ride, then do a road trip. I want to be able to enjoy traveling while I’m young enough and still have lots of energy to do and enjoy a lot of things.

While the kids are still young, it is the best bonding time. After certain age, they will prefer to go with their friends than their parents. Therefore, enjoy the family bonding time while the kids still choose to go out with their parents (while they still think their parents are super cool…hahahahah).

Traveling creates beautiful memories and promote relaxation. It can also be an eye opener to the outside world. Traveling is a way to expand our horizon. Seeing other culture and history, will teach them to respect other people and stay humble. Kids will learn history and culture at school, and when they can see what they learn at school, that is something they will appreciate and excited. As parents, you know that your kids are actually learning at school, not just playing around and wasting time.

Being in a foreign place, outside home, it teaches your kids to be flexible. For example, while we visited my parents in Indonesia, the kids can’t eat their favorite cereal, because it is not available, instead, try fried rice for breakfast.

Traveling with kids at younger age is actually cheaper. Some airlines give kids discount rate and most of the hotels will not charge extra for kids under 12. Kids at younger age also simpler and appreciate little things, just simply easier to please compare to older kids. For example, they already happy if they can just get an ice cream cone versus they need to get an expensive toy or clothes to be happy.

Traveling with kids with or without stroller also can give you benefit. For example in Paris, in Louvre and Versailles, we skipped a long line because we had strollers. Kids with strollers enter at different line and have priority. We also got priority family boarding time at the airport because of the kids.

Last but not least, we will never know what our future holds. Of course everyone plans for the best; stay young, stay healthy and accumulate enough savings for retirement. But you never know what is going to happen, the next minute, the next day, next year, etc. So, just enjoy life while you can.



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