smart travel bag

Smart Travel Bag

With all the new technology and inventions nowadays, there is no surprise that travel bag has evolved into a smart bag. A smart bag are, of course, links to a smart phone. All the apps of these smart bags have the capability to track where your bag is, it’s a feature that will give you a peace of mind just in case it got stolen or just simply lost.  These smart bags come in different shapes, sizes and colors, depending on your needs. Check them out here and see why they are “smart”.

Barracuda Luggage

This one is my favorite carry-on so far. First this company is local, in the bay area, so I’m supporting a local business. Second, this luggage is not just smart, but it is also collapsible. It doesn’t take too much space to store. For busy people, this luggage comes with a built in tray  with a built-in charger to put your laptop so you can work comfortably while waiting at the airport gate if you want to. Another nice feature is the location tracking just in case this gets lost. Since it’s collapsible, maybe this is a good option to bring as an extra bag, just in case you’ll be doing a lot of shopping while traveling? What do you think? For more information, click here.

Raden Luggage

This one is pretty much similar to Barracuda minus the collapsible part. But this luggage has more color options and come in 3 different sizes. For bigger luggage, you definitely will check it in so the location tracking feature is definitely more useful on this one. Another useful feature is the apps allow you to weigh your luggage before going to the airport. This is very beneficial and useful for shopaholic traveling people. For husbands out there, maybe this feature can slow down your wives shopping a little bit…hahaha. For more information, click here.

AMPL Backpack

This smart backpack comes with a built in charger for your smart phone, laptop, tablet and any USB devices. There are also options to buy the extra batteries along with the backpack. The weight of the bag varies around 5 to 7 lbs depending how many extra batteries would you like to bring along with you. It is still pretty light considering all the hardware items for the high tech features. It is designed to be able to dock 3 batteries at one time. I like the hip design and the color of this backpack. The style is more on the casual side even though the color is pretty neutral, dark grey. Click here for more information.

Aster Backpack

This one is for cyclist. With an integrated bike lights, turn lights and brake lights, this makes biking at night more safe. The light can be seen up to 250 meters. The unique design with lots of pockets and compartments  can fit clothes, laptop and even the biking helmet. It also an anti-theft alarm feature that allows to lock your bike with the phone app. For more information, click here.

Which one is your favorite?


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