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Before the school year starts, I always eagerly looking at the school year calendar, looking for holidays and started thinking where to go on vacation with kids.

When your kids are in school age, planning a vacation with kids certainly depending on their school schedule. Check the school calendar and decide how many days for the family trip. If it’s only a week or shorter, definitely can’t go too far. You have to take the different time zone and the length of a plane ride into a consideration. Then you can decide what kind of trip you would like to do, a road trip or a cruise or else.

When go with little kids, it’s a lot of things to consider before deciding where to go. For example, my kids are 5 and 6 years old now. I was thinking about Iceland since it is a popular destination right now, especially with the low air fare from the US. I was excited to see the Northern Light. But as I did more research, it seems like it is not suitable for my kids yet at this age. Traveling in Iceland is more nature and adventure type of vacation; like swimming in a Blue Lagoon, drive to countryside to see their beautiful waterfalls and other nature. With that says, trip to Iceland is currently postponed for a few more years.

When picking a destination, don’t assume anything. Just do your research first; the attractions, things to do and the approximate cost of the trip. What I mean is, sometimes shorter distance doesn’t mean it’s a cheaper vacation. For example, currently lots of deals on airline tickets, especially to Asia and Europe. Those 10-20 hour flight might costs the same or less than an airline ticket to New York or Hawaii. Depending where you go in Asia, accommodations can be much cheaper; the value of the US dollars goes along way there compare to New York or Hawaii. So, why not? But again, do you think you can handle the kids on a long flight?

When planning to go to multiple destination, consider the weather too. You don’t want to pack too many things, especially with kids. For example, while planning visiting family in Indonesia in June, I might not want to visit Australia at the same time. It is winter time in Australia while it’s burning hot in Indonesia. I definitely don’t want to pack clothes for 2 different seasons. That route won’t work for me during summer break.

When planning on what to do during vacation, it has to be balance between what the adults like to do and what the kids like to do. Kids would prefer a theme park while mom and dad would like to do sightseeing or just chill on the beach or in the pool. See what’s exciting for everybody so everyone will enjoy the trip. Happy wife, happy family, Happy kids, happy trip and when nobody complains, happy husband and happy daddy…hahaha.

The easy options to go vacation with little kids are beach vacation in an all-inclusive resort or go on a cruise. You really don’t have to use your brain during this kind of vacation. Food and drinks are available all day long. Entertainment for kids and adults are easily accessible. If mom and dad want to enjoy their “me”time,  just sign the kids up into an all day long kids activities. If you think staying in a resort/on the ship for a week is too boring, then sign up for an excursion. With this kind of vacation, you certainly don’t need a “vacation” from your vacation afterwards. Happy planning!



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