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Monterey Bay Aquarium

This past weekend, we went to visit Monterey Bay Aquarium. I wasn’t too excited about it at the beginning. I meant, aquarium, fishes, we just saw lots of fishes at the Atlantis. When I told the kids where we’re going, Catherine, my 3 year old, said, fishy again?? Hahahaha…she just has a lot to say about everything. Anyway, we went because my husband already bought the tickets.

I went with no expectation and it turned out to be one fun outing day. The kids enjoyed all the kids stuffs inside; the indoor playground, making bookmarks, played some game in each areas, watched various feedings, enjoying the sea with binoculars or simply running around. We spent 4 hours there including lunch, that’s enough to make my kids passed out in the car on the way back home.

My favorite is the Deep Sea Fish tank and the Tentacles area. As a person who is not a big fan of nature, I think those fishes, including jelly fish and octopus, are so beautiful and interesting. We watched Sea Otters, Penguin and Deep Sea Feedings. Arianna’s favorite is the Sea Otters feeding, my husband’s favorite is the feeding in the deep sea tank. Who knew animal feeding could be so much fun? Catherine’s favorite is simply watching the ocean waves outside.

There are a few binoculars outside that we can use for free. We spotted a sea otter and again, Catherine just happy to see the ocean waves. Anyway, here are some pictures from our trip. Hope this could inspire you to visit the Aquarium. For more information, click here.

Sea Otters Feeding

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South African Penguins Feeding

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Making Bookmarks (Free souvenirs! And it’s keeping Arianna busy)

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One of the kids favorite, draw a jelly fish and set it free, can you see which one is Catherine’s Jelly fish?

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Beautiful Jelly Fish

monterey bay aquarium 13

monterey bay aquarium 14


Do you spot the Octopus? He’s camouflaging!


monterey bay aquarium 15

Feeding in the Deep Sea Tank, those little thing are squids for the big fishes.

monterey bay aquarium 16

Enjoying outdoor

monterey bay aquarium 17

monterey bay aquarium 2

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