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How To Pack Luggage

Packing luggage is one of the things that I’m not too crazy about doing. I get paranoid about it; did I miss anything? Will it be cold? Will it be hot? What shoes should I bring? Does it match this outfit? How about that one? On the other hand, I don’t like to bring a big suitcase either since I’m trying not to have to check in my luggage. But depending on destination, how long the vacation is and what airline that we use, sometimes it’s impossible not to check in. So here’s what I do in trying to be as efficient as possible in packing for vacation.

Check the weather at the destination

This is the first thing that I do so I know what to bring. If planning to multiple destinations, definitely check all of them. Hot, cold, rain or snow, all have to be covered. On our last Europe trip, it was cold and raining in Vienna but it was sunny and hot in Prague. I prepared layers of clothing for 2 different weather.

Create a list

I am not just packing for myself, I have to pack for my kids too. I’m in process of training them to pack the luggage themselves but I still have to see what can go into the luggage and what can’t. By creating a list, I’m avoiding the possibility of forgetting something important and eliminate/limit things that I don’t need like too many toys.

Bring items that doesn’t take too much space and light.

When going to cold weather destination, definitely the clothes will take more luggage space. Instead of bulky jacket, I prefer foldable/packable down jacket. It’s light, warm and doesn’t take a lot of space. Also put medicine, toiletries and skincare in smaller container whenever possible.

Split some into a carry on bag and check the airline’s carry on requirement.

We lost our luggage for 3 days on our trip to Dominican Republic. Arianna was just 18 months at that time and all her diapers, clothes and formula were in the lost luggage. We were able to get all those at the convenient store at the resort but it was such a hassle. Since then, I always pack some clothes and toiletries in the carry on bag. Just in case!

Roll your clothes

As you might read this everywhere, rolled clothes use less space than folded clothes. I tried it and it’s true.

If you are bringing a gift/gifts, use gift bag and tissue papers

Other than the size of the gift, don’t wrap the gift. First, it will be hard to keep it nice and in shape in the luggage. Second, it is better to not wrap it for luggage security check. Therefore, if you plan to bring a gift/gifts, just use gift bag and tissue papers.Gift bag and tissue papers are easy to carry, you can always slip it in any luggage pockets.

Hope these tips help your travel packing and wish all of you have fun on your vacation!



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