Glamping and Safari at Safari West

I’ve been wanting to try glamping and safari at Safari West since last year. Finally we went this past weekend. It was a fun, unique and interesting experience.

Safari West is located about less than 2 hours away from where we live. We booked a night at one of their glamping tents since it looks interesting. We arrived there around 3.30 pm and it was super hot! After we checked in, someone drove us to our tent in a Jeep. Cool!

The tent’s walls are made out of thick tent material and windows are made out of mesh material, there’s nice air circulation but when it’s hot, don’t even bother to try to relax in the room. It’s hot! Warm blanket and a portable heater are provided for a cold night, but it only has a ceiling fan for a hot day. The cool part is all the tents are facing the animal “wildlife” area.



We walked around a little bit and tried to decide where to go for dinner. We drove to Downtown Calistoga, which is only 10-15 minutes away. Lots of restaurants options there, nice and not crowded. We had dinner at Tanit. I had their Laksa and it was great! Love it!


By the time we got back to our tent, it was almost 7 pm and the temperature had certainly cooled down. It was still sunny and bright, really nice time to sit down on the patio and read a book. FYI, no internet service in the tent area and the phone signal was not really good either. And yeah, no TV. It’s a very good place to unplug from the daily hustle and bustle.


It got a little chilly at night, we ended up closing some windows and turned on the heater. The animals were pretty noisy at night so if you’re a light sleeper, don’t forget to bring your earplug.

The next morning, we woke up by natural alarm clocks, the roosters. It was still a little cold in the morning, a cardigan or a light jacket was nice to have. We got a free continental breakfast from 7 am to 10 am. There’s a wifi in the restaurant area if you would like to catch up with your online matters. After breakfast, we packed and checked out before started our safari tour at 9 am, it was still nice and cool. The tours consists of walking tour and a jeep tour. We finished around 11.30 am. .

Originally, I wanted to sit on the top of the jeep for the “real safari” tour. But my kids didn’t meet the minimum height requirement so we sit in the back of the jeep. It was actually nice since we were sitting under the shade as the weather got hot along the way.

glamping-safari-west-26 glamping-safari-west-27


Overall, it was a very nice experience. Very clean, I was really surprised that I didn’t get any bug bites at all considering we stayed overnight in a “wildlife”. There was no predators (tigers, lions or bears) for the Safari Jeep tour even though my silly husband kept on saying “So cool, it feels like we’re going to the Jurassic Park!”. Lots of different kind of antelopes and bulls, also zebras, giraffes and ostriches. There’s a Cheetah and a Hyena but they are in the cages, and saw them during the walking tour.


The cost of the glamping and the safari tour certainly add up pretty quickly. If you’re thinking of going, look for a deal at Travel Zoo. They always have a Safari West deal every year. When you see it, book it as soon as possible since there are only limited amount of tents and it gets filled up fast. Also don’t forget to check the weather and plan your day accordingly.

Here are more fun pictures from our short trip to Santa Rosa:

















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