Consider These When Traveling With Little Kids

Planning a vacation is always fun for me. I can spend hours looking at beautiful pictures of the travel destination and beautiful resorts. Those are the easiest part of planning a vacation. When booking a vacation with little kids, lots of small details have to be taken into account. Depending the age of your kids, the younger they are, the more details you should consider.

Flight Schedule

When booking flights, pay lots of attention on departure, arrival and layover time (if any). I try not to book anything too early in the day, especially during weekday when morning is the busy commuting hour towards the airport. With kids, it’s going to be very hectic when it is too early. When traveling across the globe and there’s no direct flight option, then consider 3-5 hour layover. I like 3 hour layover time the best. It gives more time, just in case the first flight got delayed, and it’s not too long to wait for the next flight. Any layover longer than 5 hours will be too long, too tiring and definitely a waste of time. Lastly, make sure the arrival time is not too late or not too early, especially if you plan to rent a car at the destination. Check the opening and the closing time of the rental car place. Make sure you arrive when they are still open. As simple as it may sound, my husband once booked our flight to Costa Rica and we arrived in San Jose at midnight. We supposed to rent a car, but the rental place is already closed. So we took a taxi to the hotel and had to come back the next day to the airport to pick up the car. What a hassle! Imagine when you bring little kids with strollers, triple the hassle!

Travel Activities

When traveling with kids, do more research on what type of activities at the travel destination that fit your kids age and size. We love our vacation to Disney World and Atlantis, Bahamas. But when we got there, we just realized that we can’t do too many things due to our kids age and heights. For example, most of the rides at Atlantis, Bahamas water park require minimum 48 inches height. Our kids were way too small but luckily, there are some other things that they can enjoy and parents can ride together with them to ensure safety. Same thing at Disney World. We went there when Arianna was a little bit over a year. We definitely didn’t go to the Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. She enjoyed Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Thinking back, we should’ve just gone to Disneyland in LA, which is pretty much Magic Kingdom. Much closer to where we live. But it was a fun experience =).

Traveling Days

My kids are still very young. The younger one still nap during the day.When planning a travel itinerary, I can’t be too ambitious. Little kids get tired faster and definitely don’t want them to get sick because they are too tired. I, myself, don’t like a rush and hectic travel plan. If it’s a sightseeing travel destination, like going to most of big cities in Europe, I would add an extra day or two to just relax and no plan. If we didn’t get to see what we wanted to see on the planned days, we still have an extra day or two to finish it. If everything goes as planned, then we have extra days to just relax and enjoy our vacation =).



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