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st vitus cathedral prague

Plan Family Vacation

Before the school year starts, I always eagerly looking at the school year calendar, looking for holidays and started thinking where to go on vacation with kids. When your kids are in school age, planning a vacation with kids certainly depending on their school schedule. Check the school calendar and decide how many days for the family trip. If it’s…

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Travel With Kids While They’re Young

I am a big believer that people should start travel with kids while they’re young. Lots of people, I heard, they have all these reasons not to travel with kids; so much work, it’s a waste of energy and money, they are too young, they will not remember, bla…bla…bla… Here are my reasons why I think we should start travel…

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Visiting Prague

Visiting Prague is definitely in my bucket list and I’m happy that I can cross it off now. It is a beautiful old romantic city with lots of castles. My 2 little girls love it since they are currently obsessed with princesses and castles…hahaha. We took the train from Wien Hauptbanhof station. It was a 4-hour train ride to Prague.…

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Visiting Vienna

I always have fond memories of Vienna. It’s a beautiful city, old buildings with modern feel and friendly people. In mid May 2016, my family and I went to visit Vienna at the beginning of our Europe trip. It’s been 12 years since the last time I visited, I was very excited on this trip. This time I went back with…

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Monterey Bay Aquarium

This past weekend, we went to visit Monterey Bay Aquarium. I wasn’t too excited about it at the beginning. I meant, aquarium, fishes, we just saw lots of fishes at the Atlantis. When I told the kids where we’re going, Catherine, my 3 year old, said, fishy again?? Hahahaha…she just has a lot to say about everything. Anyway, we went…

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the cove beach atlantis bahamas

Visiting Bahamas

It’s been 8.5 years ago since the last time I visited Atlantis Resort in Bahamas. I had fun and I loved it. So, when my husband said we’re going to Atlantis in December, I was really excited. It’s definitely going to be a different experience since this time I’ll be going with my 2 little girls. It was rainy and…

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