African safari 3

Bucket List Vacations

Do you have a bucket list of places to visit? I was talking to my colleague the other day about vacation destination and she told me there are some places that she didn’t really care to go at all.  I was like, how come? Why? She said she doesn’t think those places are interesting for her. Then I started thinking, hmmm…maybe she has a point. I wish I can go visit every country but there are some countries that I really really want to go and there are some that I actually don’t care if I go or not. So, I started making my priorities of which places or what kind of adventure that I really would like to enjoy and experience before I die. Here you go:

African Safari

Africa sounds very exotic and unique to me. I like unique places and African Safari is definitely one of the things that I really want to do. This is more on the pricey side kind of vacation. I think I should wait for my kids to be a little bit older so we all can enjoy more and will not forget the adventure.

Don’t these pictures just remind you of “The Lion King”? Hakuna Matata!

African safari 3

african safari

Underwater Restaurant in Maldives

Have you seen this picture yet?

restaurant conrad maldives

This is an underwater restaurant in Conrad, Maldives. I think this is a really cool place. I really want to be there right now enjoying a meal, don’t you? I’m sure it would be a nice and interesting experience =)

See the Northern Light

Aahhh…northern light, I’ve been thinking about this lately. With the cheap flight to Iceland from Wow Airlines, it really intrigues me to do some research about Iceland. Iceland is the safest place to travel right now which make it more exciting. But I think I should wait a couple years for my kids to grow a little bit older to have a family vacation there. Traveling in Iceland is about appreciating and enjoying the nature; swimming in the Blue Lagoon, drive around and hiking to see the waterfalls and the beautiful sceneries, and of course see the northern light. I don’t think my 5 & 6 year old would be excited to do all that yet.

Then I saw another articles, actually we can see northern light in Alaska and Canada too! Those are much closer and possibly more exciting things available for little kids. Hmmm…maybe this one can be crossed off the bucket list sooner than I thought =)

northern light

Ice Hotel

There are a few ice hotels around the world; in Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Quebec-Canada, etc. I love to get a one-of-a-kind experience, this one feels extra special. Actually, first thing that came to my mind is I better go before I get too old and having all kinds of bones and joint problem that is not a cold-weather friendly health situation…hahahah. Also, maybe these things are designed for people to stay no more than a night? It looks super cold and obviously no heater, how do people sleep? What do you think?

The Ice Hotel – Sweden

Press release December 2015, ICEHOTEL, Cesare’s Wake design by Petros Dermatas (Greece) Ellie Souti (Greece)


Hotel de Glace  – Quebec, Canada

deglace quebec ice hotel

Hôtel de glace de Québec 2014. Québec, Canada Quebec City's Ice Hotel. Quebec, Canada

What’s in your bucket list?




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