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Consider These When Traveling With Little Kids

Planning a vacation is always fun for me. I can spend hours looking at beautiful pictures of the travel destination and beautiful resorts. Those are the easiest part of planning a vacation. When booking a vacation with little kids, lots of small details have to be taken into account. Depending the age of your kids, the younger they are, the…

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Glamping and Safari at Safari West

I’ve been wanting to try glamping and safari at Safari West since last year. Finally we went this past weekend. It was a fun, unique and interesting experience. Safari West is located about less than 2 hours away from where we live. We booked a night at one of their glamping tents since it looks interesting. We arrived there around…

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Visiting Dominican Republic

It’s our wedding anniversary today (thank you!) and I’ve been browsing old pictures for the past few days, going through all the memories from all the trips that we took and I came across our Dominican Republic trip pictures. We went there almost 5 years ago, when Arianna was still 1.5 years old. It was quite a disastrous trip in…

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traveling purse

Traveling Purse

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. Labor Day is one of the best times to get deals and discounts on many things. I didn’t look for travel deals, but was looking for shopping deals. Just like many fellow ladies that I know, I admit that I love to shop, from clothes, shoes, purse to pots and pans. I…

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monopoly in the park 2

Monopoly in The Park and Children’s Discovery Museum

Since my husband had a work related to do last weekend in San Jose, we decided to plan our day visiting kids places in that area. I’ve been wanting to visit Monopoly in The Park for a while. My husband and his friends are avid monopoly players and I got dragged into it. We actually competed in 2009 US Monopoly…

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paris versailles garden

Cheapest Way To Book A Hotel

Lately, a few friends asked me the same question, how to book a hotel? What they meant was how did I find hotel deals, especially when traveling with kids. When you travel with a whole family, accommodation would be the biggest challenge when planning a vacation. Here are some options: Book a Hotel If you’re like me, a sucker for…

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visiting paris 7

Visiting Paris

It’s been 3 years since the last time we visited Paris. With the latest news, I am a little inspired to write about our vacation there. Arianna was a little bit over 3 years old and Catherine was almost 2 years old. Before we went, we sort of had a high expectation about Paris; beautiful, charming, romantic, etc. The experience was…

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