Hi Readers! Thank you for taking time to check my blog. This blog is about family traveling. I have 2 little girls at home, currently (2016) 5 and 6 years old.

I love traveling. While I’m doing my searching to plan our family travel, I don’t really see/read about traveling with little kids and strollers. While nature,view and other entertainments are important parts of traveling but things can be different when traveling with little kids and a stroller/strollers. There are beautiful places that I find are not stroller friendly. If I knew ahead of time, I would’ve at least mentally prepared if I decided to go visit anyway and maybe tried to figure out other way to visit instead of feeling frustrated.

With this blog, I’m writing to document our travel journey but I also would like to share the pros and cons of traveling with 2 little kids to certain places with/without strollers, the benefits and the limitations traveling with little kids.

Hope you enjoy reading our travel journey and also hope this helps you in your travel planning =).


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